The VALDAN GROUP offers a full range of consulting solutions to its customers.  Whether it involves issues with U.S. or Mexican Customs count on VALDAN to use its 18 plus years of technical experience to provide sound advice to its customers.

With three licensed U.S. Customs Brokers on staff, VALDAN is prepared to offer sound advice such as qualifying goods under NAFTA, Binding Ruling letter preparation, 9802 assistance, Repair and Alteration, Special Regime, as well as valuation assistance for Cost Reconciliation. VALDAN is also ready to assist with Customs Audits, NAFTA verifications, compliance manual preparation, and cost submission verifications.

VALDAN also helps customers understand the complexity of Mexican customs laws and regulations.  It ensues that the customer maximizes the benefits and avoids the pitfalls of temporary import programs, Pitex, Maquiladora, and Prosec.

Trust VALDAN to put its 18 plus years of technical experience to work for you.